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Boxing Shoes - Nike HyperKO and Nike Machomai

30th Mar 2015

Our boxing shoes have been engineered to provide maximum flexibilty and support as you train and compete inside the ring.  Movement and speed are key components to victory.  Each boxing shoe design offers the athlete a choice based on their boxing style.  The Nike HyperKO has a breathable upper mesh with Nike Flywire technology to keep the shoe light but supportive exactly required for a boxer. The forefoot strap creates a custom fit for different foot types and helps keep the athletes' foot centered over the footbed.  The sole provides outstanding traction in the ring which is enhanced as the sole wraps high up on the sides of the feet  in the forefoot which is the key traction area for boxers. The Nike HyperKO's are a must have in any boxers toolbox.

Pictured: Nike Machomai (left) and Nike HyperKO (right)

The Nike Machomai's classic design is simple, but highly effective.  They offer a fully laced design that create a snug fit as the boxing shoe becomes an extension of your feet.  The upper mesh creates air flow as you control the ring.  Every step you take gives you the confidence needed to perfectly position yourself for every strike.  Whichever Nike boxing shoe design you select, you'll know you're stepping into the ring with a shoe that will help you perform at your optimal level.