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2015 USA Weightlifting National Championships

Posted by Dani on 27th Aug 2015

With the popularity of the sport of weightlifting growing, it has increased the number of top athletes wearing our Nike Weightlifting singlets and Nike Weightlifting shoes. This year at the 2015 USA Weightlifting National Championships in Dallas, Texas, we witnessed many athletes set both world and American records, many of them wearing Nike Weightlifting shoes, apparel, and singlets. We wanted to share with you the names of those athletes along with their accomplishments at this year’s national event.

By far the most noted athlete this past year, and especially at this year’s nationals, was CJ Cummings, a 15 year old from South Carolina. He is a 69kg lifter who holds multiple American records as a youth, junior, and senior, as well as being a world team member. He went on to break the senior American record with a 175kg clean and jerk and unofficially broke the youth world record with that lift in Dallas last month. He went on to take the title of senior national champion of the 69kg class, as a YOUTH. He has been quoted in the press as “the LeBron James” and “the Michael Jordan” of weightlifting. He proudly represented Nike from his singlet to his shoes.

Mattie Rogers is another very notable young athlete who is exceling in the sport at a young age. She is a 69kg lifter from Apopka, Florida. In Dallas, she snatched 98kg giving her a new Junior American record. She went on to win gold as the 69kg senior national champion, securing her spot on the world team. She is a sponsored athlete with Athlete Performance Solutions and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her.

Jenny Arthur is also a young notable 75kg lifter from Team Georgia who went on to secure her THIRD world team member spot, as well as take her third senior national champion title at the USA Weightlifting National Championships in Dallas

At this year’s national event, we were able to partner with several well-known teams who were representing their teams, along with Nike Weightlifting. The Iron Athlete team out of Arizona, coached by August Schmidt, were outfitted in Nike from their warm up suits, shirts, singlets and shoes. Their team consisted of several medalists at this year’s nationals including Alex Lee, a 69kg collegiate American record holder, Anthony Pomponio a 85kg lifter and 2015 Senior National champion, and Norik Vardanian a 94kg lifter, 2012 Olympian, youth, junior and senior record holder.

An additional team to note is Waxman’s Gym out of California, coached by Sean Waxman. Sean has been in and around weightlifting for 20 plus years and most can recognize his gym for “shut up and lift.” He has made a name for himself, along with his team. Athlete Performance Solutions has partnered with this team for their Nike Weightlifting apparel and footwear needs. One of Waxman’s athletes, Caitlin Hogan, medaled in the 53kg class in Dallas and is able to go on to a World team qualifier this month to try out for the 2015 world team. We are excited to see more of the Waxman team at the American Open in December.

Here are a few more athletes and their accomplishments that were in Nike singlets and Nike Weightlifting shoes at Nationals:

Jared Flemming - 94kg –Current National Champion, American record holder, current world team member

James Tatum - 77kg - Current National Champion

Travis Cooper - 77kg - Medalist

Ariel Stephens - 69kg - Medalist

Holly Mangold - 75kg+ - 2012 Olympian, current National Champion, current World team member

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