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NIKE Boxing


NIKE Boxing
28 April, 2010  |  14 comments  |  Boxing


Nike Boxing Shoe

Meet the new lightweight champ

NIKE Boxing

NIKE MACHOMAI Meet the new lightweight champ 266 266 Weighing in at a mere 266 grams, the mid cut nike machomai weighs less than the gloves on a boxers hands! Follow @nikeboxing Tweets by @nikeboxing @athleteps on Instagram

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Engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes, Tech Pack brings you lightweight warmth without the weight.

Exclusively available August 21 at
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19 August, 2010Posted 4 years ago
adolfo huerta
2 October, 2010Posted 3 years ago
Kevin moran
The quality I was wondering if the shoes have good ankle support And good foot support on the inside for your feet since I'm very heavy-footed and so I'm hopin they have good cushioning
13 December, 2010Posted 3 years ago
Juan Moreno
Where can i buy these at. I have some but they are not the same these seem much newer and better than the ones i have
10 January, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Juan Moreno
i was wondering where will i be able to purchase those exact boxing boots? if you have any information please contact me.
14 January, 2011Posted 3 years ago
When will these be available from Nike?
26 January, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Action Boxing Vancouver
What price range are we looking at ?
27 January, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Rachel Schley
Good afternoon, We are a non-profit boxing gym in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Please respond explaining ypur way of helping us in more detail please. Rachel Schley
5 February, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Hi i want to purchase the nike boxing boots, how do i order them? thank you. shaf
8 February, 2011Posted 3 years ago
ron kaszor
So this page shoes only one ( 1) boot. What other shoes in this line do you have and where do we/ how do we get them.. rak
13 March, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Mark Pascual
where can i buy the newer version of machomai with zipper? I want to buy it online..
25 March, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Lee Harris
Hello I like the boxing shoe machmai, is there a possibilty to order a pair in Black and orange ? or do they just come in red and blue ? regards Lee Harris
3 July, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Booster bvba
Dear, We are a wholesale company based in Europe , dealing in ' boxing , kickboxing , mma' equipment & apparel . We are interested in distributing 'Nike' equipment In Europe . We are active since 15 years in this market & supply over 300 retailers ( mostly 'martial arts shops' & nutritional shops ) . Best regards, Yves Vyvey
31 July, 2011Posted 3 years ago
christian bojorquez
I ordered the red high boots ... I want to know the price to send to San Diego
9 August, 2011Posted 3 years ago
Thanks for the info, may i know where can i get the shoes if i live around southeast asia..? singapore for example... Thanks and regards, Andre
1 - 14 OF 14 COMMENTS

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