Nike Men's USAWR Bomber Jacket - Navy/White

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Nike Men's USAWR Bomber Jacket - Navy/White - Nike Men's USAWR Bomber Jacket is a weather-resistant down-filled jacket with classic baseball bomber collar. Interior brushed liner to keep the athlete warm in the dugout. Drop-tail and internal elastic waist and wrist gators for enhanced protection and warmth. Zip pockets at front and inside left chest. Reflective striping on inside zipper placket.

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    My favorite “stylish” smaller down jacket!

    Posted by Maurice Washington on 3rd May 2020

    I also own the parka (larger down jacket), so this review of the smaller down jacket will also be a comparison with the parka. The front left side of the smaller down jacket has a traditional screen printed Nike swoosh, and the front right side has the traditional embroidered USA Wrestling logo. The rear has a very nice, slightly glossy USA Wrestling logo written on it. Reflective left side middle area along the zipper track. Cuffs of the smaller down jacket are kind of hindered compared to the parka. Arm length of the smaller down jacket is about 4 inches shorter than the parka when compared side by side. The arms seem a bit short with the smaller down jacket and a bit long with the parka. The parka’s arms seem to have a more comfortable and seemingly “seamless” built in protection as well compared to the cuff style protection of the smaller down jacket. I would say if the parka rates as a 10 in warmth, the smaller down jacket would rate as a 6 to 8 depending on the weather, how you are feeling that day, et cetera. The parka is less stylish in my opinion since you’re only really noticed from the front, but the smaller down jacket is full of reflection and logos from the front and the glossy USA Wrestling words stylistically emblazoned on the back, encouraging “We’re not worthy!” slogans to be said with arms flailing up and down like people performing “The Wave” each year at the California HS State finals! (shout out to you if you’ve experienced this!) Overall, if you are going for style and style only, being able to be admirably seen from the front and rear, coupled with a bit of warmth with moderately cool temperatures, the big jacket is your best bet. If you want front-only style, albeit with immense warmth in very cold temperatures, then the parka is the right fit for you. ProTip: Getting this during a sale was awesome as well! Hope this review helps you out, and please stay healthy and strong!